Humble Beginings

Fish Boss started on WA Day, June 4th 2016 in a second hand food truck. With a very wet winter the food truck trade made for a pretty tough start, but finally hit our straps during summer, with some major events and good street trading through the hotter months. Trading at most of the major pop up events, it gave the truck good exposure and a real chance to get feedback on serving fresh local seafood.


When it comes to our fish, it’s all about sustainability. Fish Boss supports the WA local fisheries, so that we have fish for the future. We focus on using under-utilised species and fishes that are not as common to the everyday consumer.


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Fish Boss uses a 13mm straight cut chip that is grown, cut and produced right here in WA. We believe that secret to good chips are in the size, not too thick and not too big, but most importantly it should be cooked in GMO free WA canola oil (link to GMO facts).


The key to good fish & chips is not only the fish, its more about the batter, so we take extra pride in our batter. We use 3 flours in our mix, plus we use local premium beer and current we are pour single fin from Gage Road Brewing (link to gage roads).


Not only the seafood is local. All the condiments and value added ingredients are all sourced right here in WA. Have you got a lemons tree that produces excess of your requirements? we ask in store about our lemon currency, where you can trade your lemons for our fish & chips. We are pretty passionate about produce not going to waste… so, when life throws you lemons, we throw you fish!


All our packaging is either compostable or recyclable, its the small things that make a big difference. It’s important that we protect our environment and make sure that unnecessary plastics not end up in our oceans, once again looking after the seafood industry and protecting the wildlife that thrive in it.